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Earlier  Years

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        Susan McLeod - Bill Rossi's "All In The Family"      Susan McLeod - RI State Virtuoso Champion with Tulio Gasperini      Susan McLeod - RI State Virtuoso Champion 1978      Charles Magnate with Susan McLeod      Susan McLeod - RI State Virtuoso Champion 1978      Lou Ludovico with Susan McLeod


        Susan McLeod and Julio Giulietti      Susan McLeod - ATARI 1975      Susan McLeod - member of Accordion Orchestra      Susan McLeod - Benefit Concert      Susan McLeod - 1st Place, Accordion Classical Music Competition      Susan McLeod - 1st Place Accordion Competition


        Susan McLeod - 1st Chair, Accordion Orchestra Recital      Susan McLeod - 1st Chair, Accordion Orchestra      Susan McLeod - Age 7


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Susan McLeod... Orchestra of One, an incomparable award-winning virtuoso, provides a multi-instrumental diverse repertoire,
creating a perfect ambiance to compliment any venue or occasion!  
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