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Frequently Asked Questions



  •   When did you begin playing the accordion?

I began private lessons at the age of seven and my first public appearance was at the age of nine.

  •   What kinds of music do you play?

I perform all genres of music to compliment any occasion, special event or venue.  They include pop, standards, light jazz, contemporary, swing, oldies, and cultural/ethnic.  

I read music and therefore am able to customize my song playlist to create the perfect ambiance for your special event.  However, any special requests must be made in advance.  

Please listen to my song clips and peruse my testimonials.  A demo CD is available upon request, which includes twenty song clips from various genres.

  •   What type of events are you available for?

My multi-instrumental, diverse repertoire provides the perfect ambiance to compliment any type of event, occasion or venue.  These include but not limited to restaurants, weddings, private parties, cocktail hours, holiday parties, fundraising events, assisted living and senior centers, art gallery openings, corporate events, wine tasting events, anniversary parties, film/television, and cruises. 

  •   Why am I hearing many instruments while you are playing the accordion?

I create my own original arrangements and orchestrations, encompassing all the instruments and sounds you hear within each song... including keys, brass, strings, bass, percussion and more.

By using a Ketron Live Arranger, I have the ability to select from hundreds of musical instruments to create unique orchestrations for each song.  

This allows me to be extremely adaptable in creating the perfect ambiance to compliment any occasion or event!

  •   Is the music during your live performance pre-recorded?

No, I do not use pre-recorded music or downloaded MIDI music files.  I do not play the accordion along with or "in front" of any music or downloaded files.  I create my own original orchestrations and arrangements, which are performed live in "real-time".

  •   Do you sing while playing music?

No, I perform as an instrumental soloist without vocals, but welcome audience participation!

  •   How has the accordion evolved into the 21st Century?

At the age of seven, I began studying music and playing the accordion on a 12 Bass keyboard acoustical accordion.  I later graduated to a Ferrari 120 Bass keyboard accordion. 

As I developed more skill and technique, I competed in classical music competitions on the local, state and national levels with a Giulietti Free Bass accordion.

Through the late 1970's - 1980's, I performed with bands and as a soloist on a Cordovox CG5, one of the first "electronic" accordions.

Today, I perform as a soloist on an Ottavianelli 120 Bass keyboard accordion, equipped with a MIDI interface for use with a live arranger sound module.  I perform my original arrangements live utilizing these state-of-the-art components  through the unsurpassed audio quality of her self-contained BOSE L1 amplification system.

  •   What is "MIDI"?

As defined by the MIDI Manufacturers Association...the original "Musical Instrumental Digital Interface" (MIDI) specification defined a physical connector and message format for the connecting of devices and controlling them in "real time".  

MIDI is a technology that represents music in digital form.  By using MIDI it is possible to orchestrate an entire song with entirely different instruments, which can be performed using various MIDI-equipped musical instruments, including the accordion.

As defined by Wikipedia, "MIDI" is an industry standard protocol that enable electronic musical instruments and other equipment to communicate, control and synchronize with each other.

  •   What are your performance space requirements?

I require a minimal amount of level space (10' wide X 8' depth) for my set up.  Electricity must also be provided via a 3-prong grounded outlet.  For outside events, a tent or overhead coverage is necessary for protection from sun or inclement weather.

  •   Are you willing to travel for a performance and what is your fee?

Yes.  Please contact me by calling 401-714-2058 or via e-mail to discuss your special event and entertainment needs.


Please contact me with any additional questions you may have.


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Susan McLeod... Orchestra of One, an incomparable award-winning virtuoso, provides a multi-instrumental diverse repertoire,
creating a perfect ambiance to compliment any venue or occasion!  
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